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Rome, sweet Rome, the city of love and romance.


If you are looking for the perfect place to propose to your significant other, look no further. We have some excellent ideas for you, whether you are planning to ask your loved one with a breathtaking view or you prefer to do it during dinner in one of the most beautiful and exclusive places in Rome. We got you covered.



The St. Regis Rome


This luxurious 5-star hotel in Rome is truly a perfect place for a romantic proposal. Introduced to Rome society in 1894, the architecturally iconic St. Regis hotel is located in one of the city’s most important palazzos. Blending a noble heritage with fearless, elegant interiors, this grand dame has been transformed into a supremely luxurious and artful residence. And obviously, this hotel’s restaurant offers nothing less than excellence. If you want to add a touch of glamour to your proposal, you can even jump in for their champagne sabering ceremony, which is a signature event in their evening ritual series at 7 pm. Just be sure to make a reservation!


Fontana di Trevi


OK, this is a tricky one, so bear with me. Fontana di Trevi is one of the most crowded places in the world, but it will definitely be worth it. The fountain’s fame is due in part to the many films that featured it, including La dolce vita, Angels & Demons, Roman Holiday, and many more. The almost 30-meter-high Trevi Fountain was built against the back of Palazzo Poli, designed by Bernini for Pope Clement XII.

Here’s the tricky part: the timing! I know the proposal has to remain a secret, so it can be hard to manage to get there with your fiancé at sunrise (but definitely no later than 7:30 AM). However, this place as a backdrop for your romantic proposal in Rome is truly unique, special, and simply perfect. A photographer can even secretly follow you, making this moment everlasting for you.

The other option (which might be easier and less suspicious) is to pop the question at night, maybe after a romantic dinner in the city center. Surely you’ll find it less crowded, and with its night lights it’s just as spectacular as it is during the day. The only thing to keep in mind is to avoid Friday and Saturday nights, as Rome has a very vibrant nightlife on those days.

I hope these tips help you plan the perfect proposal at the Trevi Fountain!



Hotel Hassler Roma

This luxurious gem is located in the heart of Rome, at the top of the Spanish Steps, one of the most famous and suggestive places in the world. At the bottom of the Spanish Steps is located Piazza di Spagna, one of the most picturesque squares in Rome, from where the famous Via Condotti starts, full of luxury boutiques. Hotel Hassler is a legendary, luxury 5-star hotel created to give the most memorable experience of the Eternal City, exactly the place you are looking for for this magical and unique occasion: your proposal.

Here’s the best part: if you are planning your proposal in Rome during the summer or spring (even early autumn), the 7th-floor terrace will leave you breathless with its unique view of the Eternal City of Rome. Especially at sunset, its magical atmosphere is what you need for an unforgettable proposal. But no worries if you are about to pop the question in the winter either: their 6th-floor panoramic Michelin-starred restaurant will not let you down with its soft music, elegant décor, and different plays of light for every hour of the day. Truly a magical atmosphere.


Proposal in Rome


Giardino degli Aranci


This place is magical! If you are looking for a place with a gorgeous and breathtaking view of the city of Rome, this park might be the one. Situated on the top of Aventine Hill, from where you can admire the city from above, but what makes it even more special is the view of St. Peter’s. We would definitely recommend visiting it for this special occasion during sunset time, it really is worth it.

As this park is open to the public, you can go there whenever you want, however you have to be prepared to not being alone and there is a possibility that your romantic proposal will be followed by a storm of applause. Let’s look on the bright side, though: to make this occasion even more special, you can hire a photographer who could secretly follow you to capture this moment for you and make it last forever. There are so many places to remain unseen.

Here are some tips for visiting the Giardino degli Aranci:

• Visit during sunset. The views are simply breathtaking at that time of day.

• Hire a photographer. This is a great way to capture the moment and make it last forever.

• Be prepared for crowds. The park is popular, so there is a chance that you will not be alone.

• Choose a quiet spot. There are many secluded spots in the park where you can propose without being disturbed.






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