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Most beautiful churches in Rome


Most beautiful churches in Rome

Destination wedding in Rome : CHURCHES


If you are about to start planning your wedding in Rome and looking for a beautiful church this blog is definitely for you!

However there are some things to consider before choosing the  ONE:
• the location of the church:
If we are talking about a destination wedding most probably you are going to be in charge to organize the transportation for your guests. While it is not something impossible to handle it is surely a thing to consider as Rome is a crowded and busy city and the schedule of a wedding day is important. Find a church which is easy to arrive to with shuttle , Uber , taxi and has parking place too to make sure they can wait till the end of the ceremony. And of course keep in mind the distance from and to the venue of the reception.
• the size of the church
Bigger the church is more floral arrangement needed. This can be an important part if you are strict with the budget.
• the architecture and the history of the church
There are different churches in Rome and a lifetime is just not enough to see them all. But at least if you have an idea of what kind of church you like more is already a great starting point. Many church in Rome are famous because great artists like Michelangelo, Bernini, Raffaello etc has their statues and painting exposed inside them. Than of course one of the most important question… do you like more the really long aisle for the walking down or prefer to opt for a shorter one?
• the luminosity of the church
For us wedding photographers this is the most (I mean MOST) important issue. Some church (as we are going to show you just in a second) has incredible light coming through their stained glass allowing us to take some amazing shit like a painting without using the flash. Even if I personally love using flash during the ceremony it is something I prefer to avoid to not disturb the holy mess and your prayers.

Now let’s see some of our favourite churches (PT 1)

ST Peter’s basilica

This is one of the holiest for Christendom and one of the largest church in the world. The construction of the basilica began in 1506 and was finished in 1626. Inside you can find the famous artworks of Bramante, Michelangelo , Carlo Maderno, Bernini.
I know now this can sound a dream come true, it is actually possible to get married here! Inside St. Peter there is one chapel for a legal marriage, called Cappella del Coro.
Things to consider before say Yes : the tourists. If you are planning to tie the knot during the summer you are going to have many curious eyes fixed on you accompanied with a lot of greetings and storm of clapping. But as we see already it is such an insignificant price to pay for such an incredible experience for you and your guests. Most importantly make sure to contact them in time , a last minute wedding can be really hard to organize here if your heart is set on this breathtaking church.



San Pietro in Montorio

This church is a real hidden gem. Located in of the most beautiful corners of Rome, on the top of the hill of gianicolo. It overlooks on the stupendous panorama of Ancient Rome and stands on the site where according to history the apostle Peter was crucified on the cross upside down.on this exact point was built the beautiful temple of Bramante which represents the church particularity and which contains very rich art treasures.
This church has a capacity of 150 seats inside (and a large car park).
As san Pietro in Montorio in great demand for wedding celebrations make sure to contact them at least a year before your wedding.


Basilica Santi Giovanni e Paolo

Now let’s be honest for a second here: if you are looking for a magical, fairy tale wedding ceremony this church can definitely be the ONE , and even if it is enormous there are no need for many floral arrangement as it is already so decorated.
This spectacular and imposing basilica is suitable for large wedding celebrations as well.

It is also called as a Church of the Chandeliers due to the number of chandeliers inside, which accompanied by the spectacular light effects enhance the coffers ceiling of the basilica. Just jaw dropping.

Basilica Santi Giovanni e Paolo

To be continued…

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