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Wedding Photographer cost in Italy

Wedding Photographer cost in Italy

I get it. During the planning of your destination wedding in Italy  many unexpected cost comes up. You may have had an idea at the beginning about how much each wedding vendor will cost. As soon as you go on their website or ask for their pricing guide you may face that your initial budget is a bit underestimated.

But why? I cannot speak for every kind of vendor but I can surely make a breakdown for you regarding wedding photography.

Don’t worry no math involved but you may be interested in this one.

So let’s start from our gear.


Wedding Photographer cost in ItalyWhile many photographers may say “it’s not the camera what makes us great photographers and capturing outstanding images” , this is true but not entirely. The reality is that the gear too makes the difference! We are living in a world of incredible technology, when your newest cell phone can capture already great images, but as there is a huge price gap between cell phones there are as well between camera too. A professional award winning wedding photographer needs at least two of the newest camera body. Estimated cost: €11,000 which with all the improvement of technology the photographer will change in every 3-4 years maximum (if not less).

And then the lenses. Let’s make this short to not drive you crazy with the nerd speech, during a wedding day we’ll need at least 3-5 lenses. Cost of one lens: from €1500-€3000. Than obviously flash lights, studio, education and marketing etc.

But why is a huge difference of price between photographers?

I love to answer this with another question: why there are huge differences between a ZARA-PRADA-CHANEL bag? It is about the quality, experience and let’s say scarsity.

There are photographers who starts out and needs to build their portfolio so the are less experienced. They may ask lower price.

There are photographers who prefer to lower their prices and do as many weddings as possible and maybe sending their associates to shoot the weddings and outsource their editing.

And than there are photographers who choose to provide high quality service and they are highly experienced. This is exactly what drives us as it makes the whole wedding experience different and beautiful for our couples. But it does take a lot of time: to build a relationship based on trust, participate and helping with planning, site inspections, preparation to achieve the best result on your wedding day, research for the best vendors you may need, editing, shooting, backups , album design etc.

Wedding Photographer cost in ItalyTo provide the highest quality takes time so it makes us accept limited numbers of wedding each year.

Usually these are the main differences why one photographer charges more than another.

Just don’t forget before you hire someone: most of the time you do really get what you paid for. If the pictures of wedding day are important for you, you may want to consider to pay more for the photographer, it will worth the investment.Wedding Photographer cost in Italy

A destination wedding in Italy is not cheap. I’m not saying it has to break the bank either as there are many options you can choose from in every price range. However the wedding costs, just as your dress, venue, flowers, food, music etc. And it will happen once in your life that everyone you love is there to celebrate you. This occasion surely deserves to be photographed and we believe everyone deserves pictures that they will love and cherish forever.


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