Surrey / London

Tej and Sapna

Our adventure with Tej & Sapna that took us to photograph their wonderful wedding in London began with the phrase: Wedding Photographer in Rome, with which Tej found us I have been with them since the proposal of Tej made in Rome in 2016, where he called me for a photo shoot as a gift designed by Tej for Sapna. Their engagement we have told starting from the Colosseum, then arriving at Villa Borghese walking through its beautiful gardens. The following year we flew to London for their wedding. Needless to hide it, I was really excited to take an entire photo shoot in the City. I found myself immersed in the culture of two worlds: Tej and Sapna are English, yes, but with parents coming from the very fascinating India. For this reason their wedding in England was the first of two planned, the second would have been shortly thereafter in India, with traditional costumes. But let’s get back to us. Since our arrival, the traditional English rain has not abandoned us for a moment, but after a while we have not made more case, as real Londoners, and we focused on our new adventure While as usual Sofia remained at home of the bride I went to Tej’s house accompanied by his witness, Kunal (whom we will marry with us in 2018), but not before having done the first alcohol load in a pub along with all the witnesses. Only later did we head towards Tej’s home for the preparations. In the meantime, at Sapna’s house things were a little further (with not a little worry on my part, I did not want to come after the bride to tell the truth). The ceremony, celebrated in a municipal house, took place without any problem. The real fun, for us, came with the series of shots at the end of the ceremony: rarely, in addition to having fun like that, I got to take lots of photos with both the couple and friends. Together with Tej and Sapna we then headed to a forest, a park south of London, where we focused to make the most of the idea of autumn accompanied by our inevitable rain friend, who soon began to fall , just to change ;-). For dinner (more like the aperitif for our Italian canons ;-)) we headed to Sapna’s father’s house, which hosted guests in a beautiful villa in Surrey south of London. The real English wedding started with the open bar ;-), as soon as the alcohol started to rise. Thanks again to our friends Tej & Sapna!

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