Orvieto / Umbria

James and Philippa

It all started around March last year, when Phlippa via the Fearless directory, asked for my availability for her wedding that would take place in September. He asked me if I was willing to take a picture somewhere other than my area (which at that time was still only Rome). His wedding would be celebrated about 1 km from where I would have moved with my family from shortly thereafter: Orvieto, in Umbria. I took this thing as a sign of destiny. We talked about all the details and we arranged to meet a few days before the wedding to take some pictures, as they would have made a small stop in the beautiful setting of Assisi, in Umbria, which gave us beautiful shots giving us a great historical refinement. Between one shot and another, time flew, and both Philippa and James broke up from any embarrassment. As always happens to me and Sofia (the second photographer of LightanDreams as well as my future beautiful wife at the end of what we call “engagement” ie the premarital photos, we had fun playing with the light together with our couple and to study new ideas. A few days later we met in Orvieto for their wedding. As always we started from preparations: even in this case while Sofia continued to follow Philippa who was preparing (she did almost everything alone, helped only by her friends – bridesmaids), I went to photograph the groom on the opposite side of the location. The ceremony took place in La Badia. Small historical summary ;-): this beautiful location, surrounded by the green Umbrian countryside, the Orvietana abbey of the SS Severo and Martirio was founded in the sixth century and renovated by the Cistercian monks. But the most spectacular element of the entire architectural complex that has come down to us remains the decagonal tower built by Matilde di Canossa in 1103. The ceremony was enchantingly celebrated in part by their parents and, in their usual sentences, by their Wedding Planner with all the Amoretti Wedding team. Tears were not lacking as a respectable tradition. The dinner, after the interminable speeches of Anglo-Saxon tradition, has passed much faster, at least for the Italian canons The highlight in English weddings is the party that is unleashed at the pace of open bar, traditional dances and disco.

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