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Engagement Photographers in Tuscany

Engagement Photographers in Italy


Why you should consider doing an engagement session? Where you should do it? How to dress? How to pose? And the list goes on and on…

However we have some good reasons for your “WHY” and some tips for the “HOW” !

But first of all breath! After the happiest “YES” of your life you got on the rollercoaster of the world of wedding planning.

Lots of decisions to make and you may not even know what do you really want and need and on whom you can rely on.

We call the engagement sessions romantic getaways too. When in this emotional ride is all about you! An afternoon spent together, just you and your partner dedicating some time just for yourselves , for cuddling and being together while creating some magical memories.

We plan together with you this session, choosing the place based on what do you like more, what vibe is a better fit for you.

And here comes the “WHERE”! You may consider a big and busy city if:

• the crowd is not scaring you. Cities in Italy are crowded, filled with tourist in every season and every day of the year.

• you love history and want some fancy backdrop for the pictures

• you love fashion! Prefer to dress up nice, elegant, high heels and lipstick . If this mood is the one you are aiming for cities are the best options.

• Rome, Florence, Venice, Siena, Portofino …. Fancy cities in Italy , perfect for engagement sessions! Vibrant, filled with history, needless to say you cannot choose wrong.

On the other hand Italy offers jaw dropping landscapes too! Seaside or countryside we got you covered. Go for it if:

• you are looking for something intimate, only the two of you. No crowd, no tourist!

• you love landscapes because every shot will look like a postcard.

• if you are a sunset picture lover!! Oh yes, countryside is surely the best option for some amazing silhouette!

Regarding the posing… we have great news for you! It is not your job to “know” what to do in front of the camera! We will guide you through , making you feel comfortable but most importantly doing all this while you have fun! It’s all about the experience !

Browse in our gallery for some inspo and if you want something more detailed check out our blog for some idea while planning your session.


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