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Once you see your photos, you will have the opportunity to transform them into wonderful prints, such as Wall art or as Photo-books. We will choose the most convenient time for you to personalize and design the photo-book together, via virtual or in person meeting. We will take care of the design and materials, customizing every detail, creating a perfect art work, all handmade in Italy. We will print your photographs for you by adapting the dimensions and materials to complement your furniture and your home. This means your photos are presented in a way that is unique and exclusively yours.

Complementary Shoot

Our pre-wedding photo sessions (which we call the “FOREVER SESSION”) will be an opportunity to dedicate some time entirely for you! Let's be honest - all of us can be uncomfortable in front of a lens, and many people feel odd just thinking about being photographed! This is why we have dedicated this particular photo session to you: Your engagement will be scheduled on a day and time that suits you best, in a location that best suits you as a couple: whether it is in a forest or a wheat field or on the shore at the sea. Everything will be organized by us to make your experience fun and relaxing, reaching our goal of getting to know each other and making sure that you are comfortable in front of the camera. And more importantly we will get to know you as a couple, so we can find out what you like and what makes you special and important to each other!

Light & Dreams Experience


Our primary goal remains your satisfaction. Our extensive experience wedding photography has guided us to place the desires and needs of our couples at the center of everything. We do not set time limits, we will be with you on your special day from the beginning of the preparations until the final party. Your most important day will be our most important day! We never send other photographers in our place - it is we who photograph every one of our clients’ weddings. We have chosen to reduce the quantity of weddings we work in order to promote top quality. We offer you the best service possible, and we are confident that we will not only meet your expectations but we will exceed them! We will study with you a TIMELINE which, in addition to guaranteeing you a more comfortable journey of the day, will ensure that no shot with your friends or family will be missed. We are very keen to ensure that formal portraits with the people you love and care about most complete the story of your day. We will photograph everything that occurs, from the preparation to the ceremony to the final dances. We try always to stay one step behind you without being intrusive, allowing you to experience fully all of the moments of the day. You can be sure that the images we document will be the treasure chest of your memories. Every wedding is different for us and our challenge is to make it unique: this is why we care a lot about your couple portraits. These won't take much time from your day, and are sure to create timeless images that you will love forever.


The delivery and your review of your photos will be a special moment that will bring you back to all the emotions experienced on your wedding day. We prefer to deliver your live photos here in our studio because we want to be with you and participate in the magic that is created. In fact, many of our couples who come from outside Italy come for a weekend to review their photos and to visit the beauty of our medieval city: ORVIETO. If it is impossible for you to come in person to collect your photos, we will prepare a virtual meeting where we will give you all the access and download credentials. Your photos will be delivered to you on a site dedicated to you with exclusive access via password and the ability to share it with the people you prefer. You will have your own private photo gallery that will give you the opportunity to download each of your photos ready for publication wherever you choose (social, etc.)

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Luxury wedding photographer in italy

Luxury wedding photographer in italy


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