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How to choose the wedding photographer?



It might seem like a simple choice. It is not, at least it is not as simple as it seems.

The first rule that should be respected is easy: look at the photos. So many. Possibly the entire site of the examined photographer; this is because stopping at the cover photos can be misleading; look for the substance and depth of the portfolio, look at all the real wedding shown and that are all from the photographer himself. Sometimes I find myself as a wedding photographer here in ITALY , facing couples to whom I ask the question: have you looked at the photos? The answer (what I really can’t stand) is generally: – a little something; which means two things: – only the photos that pass in the slide show of the site (and we are already a step ahead) or maybe a photo on the facebook page. Perhaps the example fits better like this: imagine having to find dress shoes for a beautiful dance and end up in the megastore that sells sneakers: Here is a little something.


How to choose the wedding photographer?How to choose the wedding photographer?

The second rule: to be clear about what you like or not. I read on blogs and specialized wedding sites that you should ask the photographer who uses lenses and what photographic equipment they use: the sense should be: if he is a professional photographer, surely the equipment will be expensive. Which is true, being a photographer is expensive (but most of the time some gadgets are superfluous) you have to keep up with the times but I ask you: if the shoes Maradona used would be enough, could you still play like him? No. Asking what color tint Leonardo da Vinci used in his paintings could make us paint like him? No. One of the greatest photographers ever Cartier Bresson photographed with a camera a billionth of a time lower than the smartphone that everyone has in his pocket. Looking at weddings photos on the internet, you can observe different styles: those who prefer to take pictures without any filter by doing an excellent photojournalism to which you have to give white paper and will hardly photograph you and your relatives asking them for the classic portrait pose, or who tries to create a summary between pure photojournalism and photography of traditional or creative portrait that both are looking forward to make you a portrait ;-). What excites you the most, if it tears you a tear or a laugh, if you imagine yourself in the place of the bride and groom maybe that’s just right for you.


How to choose the wedding photographer?

For your destination wedding in Italy look for a wedding photographer who meets all your tastes and needs.
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