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How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Photographer in Italy?

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Photographer in Italy?

There is only one answer for this. How much does your memory worth? How much does your memory worth? If I would tell you that a wedding photographer cost €1000  would be already too much if you do not value photography and it is not one of your priority.

The cost of a wedding photographer in Italy can vary widely depending on factors such as the photographer’s level of experience, the length of time they will be shooting, the number of photographers they will provide, the location of the wedding, and the level of editing and post-production work that will be included.

In general, for an excellent wedding photographer the amount you will spend will be between 2000 and 4000 Euros for their services. It is important to carefully research and compare prices from different photographers, and to communicate clearly with the photographer about your budget and expectations. It may also be helpful to set up a meeting with the photographer in person or over the phone to discuss your specific needs and get a better sense of their style and approach to wedding photography.

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Vice versa… if you value it and photography is a priority for you you would be happy to pay a much higher price to a photographer whose work you love and appreciate.

However, I have a great tip either you prioritize photos or not. If not, do not hire no one to shoot your wedding! I’m not kidding, ask your friends and guests to shoot photos during the wedding with their phone cause they are doing a decent work. Every cent you spent for something you don’t care is a waste of money.

Wedding photographer in Italy How much does a wedding photographer cost in italy ?

On the other side if you do love photos set a rough budget, which you can modify but without breaking the bank. Budget has to have a maximum amount anyway, so seeing the quotes you can ask the photographer to create one personalized for you, as you can have many thing which are must and many you can live without.

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Check photographers website, instagram account, Facebook page well.

Read the testimonials if there are any, and ask for a full gallery proof. Ask all the question you have in mind, pros are going to respond every doubt of yours.

After you have contacted the photographers you love in every aspect (their workflow,editing,personality) trust your gut and book them surely you are going to make the right decision !!!

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