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How much does a wedding in Tuscany cost?

How much does a destination wedding in Italy cost ?


How much does a wedding in Tuscany cost?


Once you see Tuscany while looking for the perfect venue for your destination wedding in Italy you will fall in love head over heels with this region.

Every little corner, every cypress road, rolling hills of are just enchanting and magical but let’s speak what it has to offer for your wedding?

Everything! Whether you are looking for some countryside – rustic style or a lavish villa you will surely find your dream wedding venue.

But let’s dig a bit deeper in the cost you will have to face for a wedding with 80-100 guests!


Your biggest expense obviously is going to be the venue and the catering. Some venue offers internal catering (and you have to have that) which can meaningfully reduce the overall cost. In this case the average price starts from 18000 (venue, food,wine). With an external catering company this starting price may be a bit higher but don’t worry if your heart is set on a venue with no internal caterer you still have many options to choose from without breaking the bank.

On the overall cost will impact as well (a lot) if you pay for the staying of your guests or the pay by themselves.

In Tuscany you can find many venues ( many,many)wedding venues which can accommodate most of your guests, which is amazing as you will be able to organize various get together s during your staying such as BBQ, pizza party, pool party etc, and for money speaking is definitely a more convenient option. Plus you don’t have to organize and pay for transportation of your guests, less headache.

Than of course the other vendors like photographers, videographers, flower, celebrant, music etc…

I want to be honest with you. If your dream is to get married in Tuscany is not going to be cheap. Italy itself is not cheap for weddings but Tuscany being the most famous and most beautiful gem of Italy is more expensive than some other region (such as Umbria, Marche,Abruzzo etc).

But what Tuscany offers not many places on the world does. The landscape is jaw dropping, the food is excellent, the wine is delicious and the hospitality itself is incredible. And the cities? Just amazing! Cities like Florence where you will find art in every corner, filled with history, Pisa, Siena , Montepulciano and the list goes on…


These places you have to see at least once in your life and what other occasion could be better than visiting them while all your loved once are with you?!

So back to the cost. As our experience I would say a wedding in Tuscany will cost at least €40.000 to whatever you drop the limit.

As I truly believe this region is the best place in the world and it worth every penny (yes for now you could understand I’m in love with it) I already wrote a blog why get married in Tuscany , let’s have a look at it.

How much does a wedding in Tuscany cost?

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How much does a wedding in Tuscany cost?

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