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Bride portrait Rome Wedding - Villa Miani


How to feel at your ease during the bridal portrait session?


Bridal portraits : I get it! It can be overwhelming just to think about it! It is really an intimate moment, you are already nervous, excited and stressed to walk down the aisle and there is a photographer who is asking you to look at the camera and smile. It is normal to feel awkward and perhaps you already thinking about to skip this session to avoid this feeling. But please don’t! You are getting married once in a lifetime and all those emotions and excitement you will want to remember. I tell you a secret! You can feel at your ease, beautiful and you can even enjoy this session. Are you ready?

Bride Portrait Tuscany wedding

Bridal portraits


First and maybe most importantly (I’m going to repeat myself always but it is really crucial) build a relationship based on trust with your photographer! How? Speak with them , tell them your fears, aspects you are not comfortable with, things you like and don’t like it is crucial for us to get to know you. Be sure you picked a photographer whose style is perfect for you because we are not good (feels uncomfortable) copying other photographers. 



Bridal portraits


Bride portrait Tuscany Wedding

Bridal portraits


Good to know that the first thing our camera sees going to look bigger, so I always suggest to my brides to push their booty away from the camera.

Mind your back! A nice posture will make you look elegant and delicate. However it is really important to do not stand straight. Bend one knee and push your weight on the other side forming an S figure. 

Mind your chin and arms! You arms should be close to your body but with a bit of a distance. 

Lately I really love to photograph the brides while they are seated on a nice sofa or lounge chair. In this case I always ask them to sit on the edge to make them look like a model.

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